2021 Top Ten of Conflict

Joe Biden
Joseph Robinette "Joe" Biden, Jr. is an American politician an 46t Preses o the Unitit States. He wis the 47t Vice Preses o the Unitit States fae 20 Januar 2009 tae 20 Januar 2017, jyntly electit wi Preses Barack Obama. He is a memmer o the Democratic Pairty an wis a Unitit States Senator frae Delaware frae 3 Januar 1973, till his resignation on 15 Januar 2009, follaein his election tae the Vice Presidency. In 2012, Biden wis electit tae a seicont term alangside Obama
God is aither the or ane o the supernaitural beins believed in bi some fowk, generally in the context o a releegion. It is aften conceived as the Supreme Bein an principal object o faith
Donald Trump
Donald John Trump is an American politician an businessman thit sert as the 45t Preses o the Unitit States. Prior tae entering politics he wis a businessman an telly personality on "The Apprentice
Eddie Van Halen
Edward Lodewijk Van Halen wis a Dutch-American guitarist, keybuirdist an sangwriter. He is best kent for bein the heid guitarist o the 1970s and 80s Haurd rock/hivy metal muisic baund Van Halen. His son, Wolfgang, played bass efter the baund’s oreeginal bassist, Michael Anthony, left. He plays a Frankenstrat guitar, that he designed in 1978, sax year efter Van Halen wis formed. He played the solo for Michael Jackson’s biggest hit “Beat it”. Rolling Stones ranked him the aicht greatest guitarist in
Lil Yachty
Miles Parks McCollum, kent professionally as Lil Yachty, is an American rapper an sangster. Yachty first gained recognition in August 2015 for his singles "One Night" an "Minnesota" frae his debut EP Summer Songs. He released his debut mixtape Lil Boat in Mairch 2016. On Juin 10, 2016, Yachty annoonced that he haed signed a jynt ventur record deal wi Quality Control Music, Capitol Records, an Motown Records. His mixtapes Lil Boat an Summer Songs 2 war released in 2016 an his debut studio album, Teenage
Banner o Pakistan
The Naitional Banner o Pakistan wis adoptit in its present form durin a meetin o the Constituent Assembly on August 11, 1947, juist three days afore the kintra's unthirldom, when it became the offeecial banner o the Dominion o Pakistan. It wis efterwards retained bi the current-day Islamic Republic o Pakistan. The banner is a green field wi a white crescent moon an five-rayed starn at its centre, an a vertical white stripe at the hoist side. Tho the green colour is mandatit ae as 'dark green', its
A pig is ony o the ainimals in the genus Sus, within the even-taed ungulate faimily Suidae. Pigs include the domestic pig an its auncestor, the common Eurasie wild boar, alang wi ither species; relatit craiturs ootside the genus include the peccary, the babirusa, an the warthog. Pigs, lik aw suids, are hamelt in the Eurasian an African continents. Juvenile pigs are kent as piglets. Pigs are heichly social an intelligent ainimals
Jay Wayne Jenkins, better kent bi his stage name Jeezy, is an American rapper
Gareth Bale
Gareth Frank Bale is a Welsh fitbawer thit plays for the La Liga club Real Madrid an plays for the Wales naitional team as a winger. Bale plays as a richt winger
A frog, whiles cried a puddock, is a craitur that bides on laund an in fresh watter. Growen frogs can lowp faur wi their lang shanks. Their eggs is cried puddock's cruddles.Rana temporaria Lithobates catesbeianus bull