2023 Top Ten of Conflict

Leicester City F.C.
Leicester City Football Club, alsae kent as the Foxes, is an Inglis professional fitba club based at the King Power Stadium in Leicester. Thay play in the EFL Championship, haevin been relegatit as 18t o the Premier League in 2022–23, signallin a return tae the seicont division o Inglis fitba efter a decade. They won the Premier League fur the first time in 2015–16
Scots leid
Scots is a Wast Germanic leid o tha Anglic varietie that's spaken on tha Lawlands o Scotland an en tha stewartrie o Ulster en Ireland an tha leids o Scots Wikipedia. En maist airts, it is spaken anent tha an Inglis leid
Arjen Robben
Arjen Robben is a Dutch umwhile fitbawer. Robben haes appeared at the 2004, 2008 an 2012 UEFA European Championships, an the 2006, 2010 an 2014 FIFA Warld Cups. He is a forward who uisually plays as a left or richt sidit winger. Robben is kent for his dribblin skills, speed, crossin ability an his accurate left fuit lang-range shots frae the richt wing
Park (Korean surname)
Park is a common Korean surname, tradeetionally foondit bi King Hyeokgeose an theoretically inclusive o aw his stryndants. In Cheenese characters (Hanja), it wis written as 朴; in Hangul, it is written 박
Pitbull (rapper)
Armando Christian Pérez, better kent bi his stage name Pitbull, is an American rapper, sangster, an sangwriter an Laitin Grammy winnin airtist frae Miami, Florida
Manchester United F.C.
Manchester United Football Club is an Inglis fitbaw club. Thay play thair haime gemmes at Old Trafford in Greater Manchester, the maist muckle fitbaw stadium in the Unitit Kinrick. Thay ar the maist succesfu Inglis fitba team o the syne the beginin o the Inglis Premiership. Syne the Premiership began thay hae wan the 13 League titles, 5 FA Cups, 5 League Cups, the European Cup Winners Cup an 2 European Cup
Cascais is a coastal toun an municipality in Portugal, 30 kilometres wast o Lisbon, wi aboot 35,000 residents. It is a cosmopolitan suburb o the Portuguese caipital an ane o the richest municipalities in Portugal. The umwhile fishin veelage gained fame as a resort for Portugal's ryal family in the late 19t century an early 20t century. Nouadays, it is a popular vacation spot for baith Portuguese an foreign tourists. It is locatit in the Estoril Coast, in the Greater Lisbon subregion. It haes an airport for
Sheena Blackhall
Sheena Blackhall is a Nor' Aest scriever, illustrator, tradietional ballant sangster an shenachie. Ootthrou 1998−2003 she wis Creative Writing Fellow at Aiberdeen Varsity's Elphinstone Institute
Inglis leid
Inglis is a Wast Germanic leid that arose in the Anglo-Saxon kinricks o England an spread intae whit wis tae acome sooth-east Scotland unner the influence o the Anglian medieval kinrick o Northumbrie. Follaein the economic, poleetical, military, scienteefic, cultural, an colonial influence o Great Breetain an the Unitit Kinrick frae the 18t century, via the Breetish Empire, an o the Unitit States syne the mid-20t century, it haes been widely dispersed aroond the warld, acome the leadin leid o
Fit (unit)
Fit is a unit o meisurment o lenth. It is ane o the imperial units an U.S. customary. It is cried a fit, acause it is aboot the size o a man's fit.1 fit = 12 inch = 304.8