All Time Top Ten of Conflict

Scotland is a kintra in nor'-wast Europe, an is ane o the fower kintras that maks the Unitit Kinrick. It taks up the northren thrid o the Breetish island. Scotland haes til its sooth the laund o England, an is bund bi the German Ocean til the east an the Atlantic Ocean til the north an wast
Scots leid
Scots is a Wast Germanic leid o tha Anglic varietie that's spaken on tha Lawlands o Scotland an en tha stewartrie o Ulster en Ireland an tha leids o Scots Wikipedia. En maist airts, it is spaken anent tha an Inglis leid
Donald Trump
Donald John Trump is an American politician an businessman thit sert as the 45t Preses o the Unitit States. Prior tae entering politics he wis a businessman an telly personality on "The Apprentice
InglandĀ is a kintra that is pairt o the Unitit Kinrick
Teletubbies is a Breetish pre-schuil bairns' televeesion series creatit bi Ragdoll Productions' Anne Wood an Andrew Davenport. The programme focuses on fower multi-coloured creatures kent as "Teletubbies," named for the telly screens implanted in thair abdomens. Recognised throughout popular culture for the uniquely-shaped antenna protruding frae the heads o each character, the Teletubbies communicate throu gibberish an war designed tae bear resemblance tae young bairns
Wikipaedia is a wab-foondit, free beuk o knawledge that oniebodie can chynge gif thay like. Wikipaedia haes aboot 24 million airticles, but nae monie in Scots
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler wis the dictator o Nazi Germany an leader o the Nazi Pairty. Frae 1933 tae 1945 he wis Chaincellor o Germany forby, heid o govrenment, an heid o state. Hitler is an important leader in warld history. The militar-industrial complex he makkit helpit Germany git oot o the economic problems efter Warld War I. At ane time, Hitler's govrenment controlled a muckle pairt o Europe. On his order, millions o fowk wis murthert in the Holocaust. He committit suicide in Berlin afore his airmy wis defeatit
Rangers F.C.
Rangers Football Club is the maist successful fitba club in Scotland. Rangers play in the Scottish Premiership, which is the tap level ae the Scottish Professional Football League. The team plays thair hame gemmes at Ibrox Stadium n the sooth-wist ae Glesga
Europe is geologically an geographically a hauf-island, takkin up the wastrenmaist pairt o Eurasie. It is for ordinar conseedert a continent, that, in this case, is mair a cultural nor a geographic differ. It is bund in the north bi the Airctic Ocean, in the wast bi the Atlantic Ocean, in the sooth bi the Mediterranean Sea an the Black Sea, an in the east bi the Ural Moontains an the Caspian Sea
Unitit States
The Unitit States o Americae, commonly referred tae as the Unitit States or Americae, is a constitutional federal republic componed o 50 states, a federal destrict, five main sel-govrening territories, an ither possessions. Forty-aicht o the fifty states an the federal destrict border each ither an locatit in North Americae atween Canadae an Mexico. The state o Alaska is in the northwast neuk o North Americae, bordered bi Canadae tae the east an athort the Bering Strait frae Roushie tae the wast. The state